Professional Liability Insurance

If you are in the business of providing a professional service to your client for a fee, you have an Errors and Omissions liability exposure. Allow our team to guide you through the process of identifying the right E&O coverage for your business’ needs.

Most Commercial General Liability Policies exclude “your work,” “your product” and “impaired property.” Professional Liability Insurance Coverage will cover all of these excluded categories for when that inevitable mistake is made.

Industries that need e&o/professional liability coverages:

Real-life examples of errors and omissions losses:


A Computer Consultant was hired to create a new computer system for a client. The client alleged that the new system was not functional and corrupted their current system.


A Safety Consultant professional liability claim resulted when the claimant alleged the insured’s critical inspection report was not comprehensive enough to have prompted the client to take precautionary measures to avoid an explosion that resulted in injury and death.


A private school hired a Management Consultant to assist them with employee recruitment activities. The suit alleges the insured performed an inadequate background check and failed to identify the employee’s criminal history which included sexual assault on a minor.

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