About Conexus

Conexus Insurance Partners is a full-service, independent insurance agency located in Westminster, Colorado. We specialize in business insurance, employee benefits and personal insurance—offering a broad array of custom solutions to meet all of your insurance protection needs, as well as consultative education, ongoing partnership, and process simplification.

Conexus cares about what connects us—our families, our communities, and our livelihoods. We are built on values, which are the lifeblood of our work and the foundation of the care we show our clients every day. We approach every client partnership as a personal relationship and will always do our part to keep you protected and provide you with peace of mind. From covering your business to insuring your family, we place people and relationships first, which is why our agency’s motto is “people first, people protected.”

We share the same values. Now we have the same name.

Conexus Insurance Partners is the joint venture of two Westminster, Colorado-based insurance agencies—RSS Insurance Services and DLP Insurance. These community mainstays recognized the opportunity a merger would afford, namely a broader, more competitive insurance offering, unparalleled processes and customer service, paired with the legacy of personal touch and values that each agency had previously established.

Core Values

We are always learning.

We continue to challenge ourselves to grow and develop through ongoing mentorship and education, and pride ourselves on asking the right questions to best serve and protect our clients.

We always do what's right.

We always do the right thing, serving our clients. our community, and each other with integrity and honesty. Every suggestion we make comes from a place of concern, care and consideration for our clients’ needs and never ours.

We are generous.

We practice generosity by looking for the best in others and strive to leave a positive and lasting impact on those around us, supporting others by giving our time and our efforts.

We have respect for all people.

We hold all people in high regard and embrace diversity and differing perspectives. We believe in treating others with respect, courtesy, care, and compassion.

We are collaborative team players.

We are willing to collaborate with our team, are focused on advancing our team goals, celebrate each other’s wins and successes. and are coachable.

We make it fun.

We put relationships first and look for ways to create fun, enjoy each other, and prioritize team bonding and relationship building activities and opportunities.



Our people are the heart of our agency, and they share our agency’s core values, understand our industry, our products, and the processes we have carefully crafted to best serve our clients, manage their insurance programs, and strengthen client and community relationships.


At all levels of our organization, the Conexus process is clear, consistent, communicated, and systemized, providing our clients with a simplified, understandable, and informed insurance purchasing experience.


People first is our passion and leading priority. With this perspective we are dedicated to caring for and protecting our employees, families, community and clients through ongoing partnership, education, service, and care.

The Conexus Way

Our Proven Process


  • Client Interview-get to know the client, their general needs, goals, and concerns. How can we best help and simplify their insurance process?
  • Who Conexus is – our values, our process, our approach.
  • Are we a good match for each other based on our core values?


  • Review and analysis of risk and needs.
  • Submission of gathered information to select carriers for optimal coverage and options.
  • Presentation of coverages, options, and suggestions.


  • Through education and guidance of the advisor, recommendations are made to clients and proper insurance coverage and policies are selected.
  • The Conexus team assists in gathering remaining proper documentation, signatures, and final insurance carrier-requested information.
  • Policies are bound and effective.

Service Delivery

  • Ongoing service and communication provided to client throughout the year based on changes in risk, lifestyle, needs, purchases, sales, and market transitions.
  • Requested documents, forms and changes made in a timely manner throughout the policy period.
  • The Conexus team is available for ongoing advice, questions, and assistance.


  • Clients will be contacted for a review of their current situation and policies, so the Conexus team has the most up-to-date information for an insurance solution evaluation and recommendation for the next policy period.

Accolades & Achievements

City of Westminster - Community Spirity Award 2023
Best Places to Work Denver 2024

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