Private Client

Beyond the insurance essentials like home, auto and life policies, Conexus Insurance also offers Private Client benefits via select insurance partners for those clients seeking an elevated experience. Consider Private Client the white glove treatment where all of your insurance needs are managed by an experience professional, affording you relief from the stress and constrictions that may be felt with standard policies.

Things To Consider:

Do you own a home in a fire zone serviced by on-call volunteers versus the fire department? In the case of an actual fire, Private Client insurance partners will personally come make sure your home is prepared for the worst. Do you own a luxury car? If you get in an accident, but don’t want to be limited by a daily car rental maximum or be forced to deal with the hassle of obtaining multiple quotes for the body work, Private Client will take care of it all. Rent any vehicle that meets your standards and have your car repaired at the body shop of your choosing.


Complimentary Risk Consultant

Complimentary Risk Consultant with expertise in evaluating high-end homes to undertake a comprehensive on-site risk assessment, including; documentation of the architecture, detailed catalogue, including measurements and photographs.

Advanced Technology

Advanced technology to detect potential issues, including advanced technology scans of walls and ceilings with infrared waves, looking for temperature variations of just one degree. Hot or cold spots point to problems hidden inside. These scans can reveal leaks, missing insulation, and faulty electrical connections before damage happens.

Wildfire Warnings

Also complimentary, in many states our carriers help clients prepare before wildfires start, warning them when fires come close, and contracting with certified wildfire fighters to help save your home when it’s threatened.

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Specialty Coverage:

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