The manufacturing industry faces unique risks and often has extensive workflows that occur on every project. An error or accident at any phase could be costly and time consuming, and property damage, claims and lawsuits have the potential to significantly impact your manufacturer operations. Conexus’ custom manufacturing insurance plans will provide the necessary coverage to protect you and your business.

Whether you need to fix or replace machinery after a covered loss or your business must temporarily shut down after property damage, our manufacturers insurance custom policies will help you reopen as quickly as possible.

Customized Manufacturing Insurance Programs can Include:

Who Needs a Manufacturer Insurance Policy?

  • Air Conditioning Equipment Manufacturers
  • Sign Manufacturers
  • Appliances and Accessories Manufacturers
  • Bakery Products Manufacturers
  • Children’s Clothing Manufacturers
  • Craft Breweries
  • Eyeglass Lens Manufacturers
  • Fruit Drinks, Soda, Spring, or Carbonated Water Manufacturers
  • Metal Goods Manufacturers
  • Woodwork, Cabinet, and Countertop Manufacturers
  • Plastic Goods Manufacturers
  • Sign Manufacturers

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